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Forge alliances and conquer the Elven Throne with the unique powers of your House. Elven Throne emulates the art of political maneuvering and strategic thinking within a fantasy realm. It combines novel social-networking like mechanics with alliances and counter action chains. Up to seven Houses, each with unique characters and abilities, forge alliances and fight to gain influence over the realm.
Organizations, tile maps with hexagonal spaces, link together to form a large play surface. Players move their characters into organizations, activate tiles, and counterattack their rivals in their quest for the Elven Throne. With over 50 characters, variable setup options, and multiple win conditions, each playthrough is a unique experience.

Story Overview

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In ancient times, the Earth was shattered by fire, lightning, and tumultuous seas. Traces of these events reveal yet unseen natural phenomena. Today, multiple houses converge on Lorya, an ancient Elven city. House Ravagorn led the way conquering the land, joined by others tempted by its economic prospects. Recently, thousands of people and multiple Houses are drawn to city, enticed by the discovery of an ancient mystical palace housing the – Elven throne.

Story of the World and Houses

Gameplay Overview

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The objective of the game is to hold the Elven Throne for two rounds. You can win alone or with other players. The rules are simple, you can use a card, or discard a card to activate: (a) your tile; (b) nearby civilians; or (c) an organization under your control. These types of actions can be done as a counter to other actions, creating a chain with the last one holding priority. A consequence are ripples of chain action effects and a battle of wits and alliances!

How To Play

7 Things Elven Throne does Differently

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Reward Alliances instead of Betrayal

Betrayal can get you the throne, but only alliances will let you keep it.

No Downtime

You can always react, even in your friend's turn!

Action Chains

Counter-acted? So Counter the Counter-action!

The Sneaky Player

Careful though! Someone might be reserving actions to get ahead!

Few Simple Rules, Emergent Complexity

The core ruleset is 2 pages and the concepts are just another 2 pages.

Play Style instead of Right Move

You like to talk and your friend likes to strategize? Here you can play together!

Variable Powers and Win Condition

Every house is completely different, some use beasts, other use hidden movement, ...

Kickstarting In

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